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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."- Hellen Keller


Providence Global Mergers & Acquisitions Management Corporation, LLC (PGM&A) focuses on the improvement of profit margins through utilization rates for its clients. In doing so, this capitalizes on the company's strength, which boosts the company and helps the company in the installation of its customer base in a new aspect.

The increase in the understanding of management depth and skill improves the production efficiency/capacity. The large base of installed accounts, developed sales, and distribution channels are some of the examples of strengths that power up the performance of expiring companies.

PGM&A Management's company strategy provides a way for expiring companies to concentrate on its brand and customer preferences which in turn helps in the evaluation of the weak product pipeline, as well as providing insight into the lack of managemental depth or technical expertise; PGM&A Management boosts them with the use of great technology and products to further increase its clients’ sales and enhancement of marketing skills.


PGM&A Management believe that the bigger the M&A the better! PGM&A Management consider larger companies as safer investments, without consequence to the fact that larger companies deliver larger valuation multiples. It is no surprise that mergers and acquisitions are conducted by various companies so as to obtain substantial corporate growth, as well as attract public capital in the form of an IPO or investments from Private Equity Groups.


PGM&A Management  understands that large companies have established business development offices to execute the corporate growth strategies through merger and acquisition strategies. These days the M&A Firms search for target companies that synergizes or adjusts with their well-defined acquisition and merger criteria. PGM&A Management researches and acquires companies that are not actively on the market for sale. PGM&A Management's goal is to target companies that would produce win-win results for corporate mergers and acquirers; we don't target not just one candidate, but several candidates! We buy them at financial valuation multiples! Finally, we integrate them to strengthen and achieve optimum performance!

A Brief Look At Our M&A Process!


Corporate & MADI Strategies

PGM&A Management understands the risks around buying...


Partner/Valuation Quality

Value identification is an important aspect of any business relationship, which is why PGM&A Management...


Due Diligence

While evaluating "value-creation" process opportunities, PGM&A Management performs due diligence...

Transaction Execution

transactions 1.jpg

Budgeting and planning the structure of M&A transactions requires the knowledge and skillset to identify dyssynergies, "run-run" costs, one-time costs, and ...



Implementing a successful plan for "Day1/Close" processes and Integration/Divesture transitions, allows for  smooth M&A execution...


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